Delete Inbox Message Service

You can link to this page to delete a message from your Esendex inbox using the HTML Form Post protocol. The table below shows the fields you can include in your form. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Username* Your Esendex username, for example
Password* Your Esendex password, for example joe1234
Account* Your Esendex account reference, for example EX0000000
Message details
MessageID* The ID of the message to delete. To delete multiple messages, specify a comma- separated list.
Other information

Specify a value for this field to return plain text results instead of a formatted HTML page.

For a successful request, results are in the format:


For an unsuccessful request, results are in the format:



where Message value is a URL encoded description of the error.

Note: If any of the field names conflict with those in your existing HTML page, prefix them with Esendex, for example (EsendexUserName). 

The following example is an HTML page you can use on your website: