Scheduled Send SMS Service

You can link to this page to send a Scheduled SMS message using the HTML Form Post protocol. The table below shows the fields you can include in your form. The fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Username* Your Esendex username, for example
Password* Your Esendex password, for example joe1234
Account* Your Esendex account reference, for example EX0000000
Message details
Originator The alias the message should appear to come from. Can be another phone number or up to 11 alpha numeric characters. For Evaluation accounts, this field must be set to the same value as your Esendex account reference.
Recipient* The mobile number to send the message to. To send to multiple recipients, separate their numbers with commas.
Body* The content of the message. 160 max characters for Text, 140 octets max for Binary and SmartMessaging, 70 octet pairs for Unicode messages.
Type The type of message (Text, Binary, SmartMessage, Unicode). The default is Text.
ValidityPeriod The validity period of the message in hours. The default is zero, meaning the message never expires.
Scheduling Details
The date and time value you wish to schedule the message to be sent at can be set in two ways. You can either by specifying a specific date time the message should be sent at (by supplying a SubmitAt form post value), or by specifying a time interval in days, hours and minutes that the message should be sent in (by supplying the Days, Hours and Minutes form post values).
SubmitAt The format of this value should be CCYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss where "CC" represents the century, "YY" the year, "MM" the month and "DD" the day, preceded by a leading "-" sign to indicate a negative number. The letter "T" is the date/time separator and "hh", "mm" represent hour and minute respectively.
Days The days component of the time interval.
Hours The hours component of the time interval.
Minutes The minutes component of the time interval.
Other information
SuccessPage The URL to redirect to if the message is submitted successfully. If you omit this field, an XML response is returned.
FailurePage The URL to redirect to if an error occurs when submitting the message. If you omit this field, an XML response containing the message ID is returned.
Test Specify a value for the Test field to have this page redisplayed with the values submitted by your form. This is for test purposes only, and no SMS message will be sent.

Specify a value for this field to return plain text results instead of a formatted HTML page.

For a successful request, results are in the format:



where MessageIDs value is the ID that Esendex assigned to the message. You can use this value to query the status of the message using the Query Status service. If a message is sent to multiple recipients, multiple IDs are returned; each seperated by a comma.

For an unsuccessful request, results are in the format:



where Message value is a URL encoded description of the error.

Note: If any of the field names conflict with those in your existing HTML page, prefix them with Esendex, for example (EsendexUserName).

The following examples are HTML pages you can use on your website: